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Hello! Hi! Hola! Bon jour! Szia! We know Guys you love taking photos and equally love PRG! Right? So why not to connect those two?? Take a nice pic with PRG, post it on your instagram with hashtag #planetrockgraphics, press our follow button and win one of our favourite hat. We will randomly choose the winer […]

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The JAMESIS International Break Jam Budapest 2014


We have proudly sponsored THE JAMESIS international break battle which was hosted 22.03.2014 on Budapest. Check out the pictures and videos below about these brilliant B-Boys and B-Girls! The pictures by the aliYO : BREAKDANCE!    

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The Doppelgangaz The First London Show Video 15 12 2013


15 12 2013 South London with Matter OV Fact,EP and Johnny Quest a.k.a.The Doppelgangaz (NY,USA) was at Plan B in Brixton on 15th December 2013 also on stage Onoe Caponoe (Audio Doughnuts) and Micall Parknsun (YNR-Productions) Dj Pings (KingUnderground Records) ITF Champion Dj.Jazz T (Diversion Tactics, BOOT Records) and Disorda (Suspect Packages, DUB Chronicles). …Was […]

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